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Our company, Digital Diamonds Information Technology and Services Limited provides IT and IT-related services, as the name might suggest. Please read more about our services here. Our main intention and also the most important result of our activities is the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore the motto of the business is simple, but it says it all:

100% Quality

This is what you can expect from us, and what we demand from ourselves, each member of our staff, our subcontractors and other partners. Our normal capacity, including subcontractors, is 5 to 8 specialists, which we can quickly extend by calling in tried professionals with outstanding references.

Our experienced staff’s

Managing director
Technical director
Project leader

Our key members are working together for their 9th year now. We all speak English, some of us also German, for your convenience. József and Norbert are certified teachers of engineering.

average age
average IT experience
average professional programming experience
average PLC programming experience

* To determine averages, data from staff members, including subcontractors, are taken into account, who have been working with us for at least one year at the beginning of 2021. Data are rounded.
* On determining the length of IT experience, specialized education from secondary school and / or above was also taken into consideration.


We specialize on IT services associated with industrial automation, more specifically with Mitsubishi Electric PLC programming.
For a multitude of times our members have proved to be amongst the best professionals in Europe, specializing on Mitsubishi Electric`s

PLC programming software.

We provide solutions for the software mentioned above and for programming Mitsubishi PLC using them. We are busy on the following fields:

We are at your disposal both in words and writing in three languages:

Software engineering, programming

As our main profile is IT consulting, we define programming as a part of the software engineering process. In our every-day work we are busy doing the following:

Our documentations and user interfaces are mainly made in English, but of course we work in Hungarian and sometimes in German.

Our members have professional knowledge in the following programming languages, technologies and systems:

Peculiarly we are programming on Windows platform in object oriented approach using C++.

PLC units for sale

 Eladó új és használt Mitsubishi Electric PLC alkatrészek DigitalDiamondsKft_EladoPLC.pdf (PDF*, 34KB)

 New and used Mitsubishi Electric PLC units for sale DigitalDiamondsLtd_PLCsale.pdf (PDF*, 34KB)

 Neue und gebrauchte Mitsubishi Electric SPS Module zu Verkaufen DigitalDiamondsGmbH_SPSVerkauf.pdf (PDF*, 34KB)

We offer new and used Mitsubishi Electric PLC units for sale with prices up to 60% off list price.
We purchased these PLC units for software testing and training purposes. (Units marked "new" were never needed though.) Please check the attached list and, if interested, please contact us!

We accept no responsibility for typographical errors.
Our offer is valid until stocks last, we strive to keep the price list up-to-date.

* A software to view PDF documents can be downloaded free of charge from the developer`s page.

Our partners

We are proud to provide or have provided our services to our following seeded and many other partners:

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Social involvement

During the past years we regularly donated to foundations we found worth for it. Our choices were absolutely subjective but as responsible as possible.
Until the end of 2015 we`ve sponsored the following Hungarian foundations and associations:

Please support these organizations if you agree with their goals.


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